How to register

for HealthLink (for pharmacies)

Secure Script

If you’re a pharmacy using either Toniq or RxOne software simply install the HealthLink Messaging system to receive e-prescriptions. You’ll be able to receive these from MyPractice and Indici immediately, and Medtech will be coming on board shortly!

We charge an exclusive rate for pharmacies of $49.00 + GST per month.
And we’ve waived this fee entirely from the 1st of May 2020 until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Registration instructions

  1. To register to use HealthLink Secure Messaging, please launch the HealthLink website:  (Please use Internet Explorer – Chrome is currently not supported)
  2. Click on the orange “Join Us” button (top right corner of the screen). This will take you to the Service Application Form.
  3. Choose “New Zealand, North Island” or “New Zealand, South Island” depending on your location
  4. Choose “HealthLink Secure Messaging”, and click “Next”
  5. Enter your pharmacy name & address information and select the organisation type as “Pharmaceutical”, and click “Next”
  6. Enter your contact details, and click “Next”
  7. On the practice systems screen, select “RxOne” or “Toniq” as your clinical software, and select the OS.  Click “Next”
  8. Select your HealthLink EDI address.  This must be: 8 characters long, and be lower case alpha-numeric. It must not begin or end with a number, and can’t contain a 0 (zero) or a 1 (one).
  9. On the HealthCare Provider screen select “Pharmacy Council of New Zealand Register”. Make sure to tick “Publish in Directory” so that GPs can find your message address, and select “Pharmacist” as your speciality. Click “Next”.
  10. View the service agreement, and click “I agree”. Enter your contact details and click “Submit”.
  11. We recommend you print a copy of the registration form, as it has your HealthLink Message Address (EDI Account Name).


If you have any questions or need help during the application process, please contact HealthLink Support on 0800 288 887, and choose option 3 (help desk).